Val di Zoldo

The breath of the Unesco Dolomites


A valley nestling at the foot of the most beautiful mountains in the world, between Pelmo and the Civetta: the Val di Zoldo is a land of ancient traditions, surrounded by genuine nature that has always been its finest feature.



Where is Val di Zoldo?

Genuine, unspoilt nature, just a few kilometres from the main communication routes; wide-open spaces with a wealth of wildlife and lush vegetation, amid wild forests and large expanses of pasture, in the shadow of the elegant rock massifs of the Dolomites: welcome to the Val di Zoldo.


The mountains here offer the chance to venture into the spaces between the magnificent rocks close by, or explore huge, clear spaces, with lofty peaks in the distance, able to convey a sense of infinity and freedom, capable of instilling a deep breath.


In the summer, the valley is a delightful destination for high-altitude trekking trips on the Pelmo, Civetta and Moiazza, as well as the Spiz di Mezzodì, Tamer, San Sebastiano and Bosconero groups.


In the winter, the area attracts downhill and cross-country skiers and mountaineers, as well as biathlon athletes, thanks to the new Palafavera platform. This is a paradise of fresh, powdery snow, also ideal for those seeking to discover unexplored itineraries on snowshoes, or simply looking to spoil themselves in the area’s warm, inviting restaurants and refuges.