The Italian Federation of University Sports (FederCUSI), formerly the Italian University Sports Centre (CUSI) is a National Sports Federation recognised by CONI to which the State has entrusted the task of taking care of the practice, dissemination and enhancement of physical education and sports activity for Italian university students.

To this end, a University Sports Centre (CUS) is established at each Italian city, with management and administrative autonomy, which deals with the management of the sports facilities owned by the universities, organising in them, or at other facilities, courses, championships and various activities aimed at the pursuit of the institutional purposes of the institution. The CUS is responsible for its work to a Committee for Sport, set up at each university, which includes two representatives of the students, two representatives of FederCUSI, the Administrative Director of the university and the Rector who chairs the body.

The FederCUSI is responsible for taking care of the national activity, the National University Championships (CNU) in the various disciplines, and the international one, setting up in particular, with the help of the competent Sports Federations, the representatives participating in the University World Championships and the Universiades, an event similar to the Olympics reserved for university athletes.

The Italian Federation of University Sports is a member-founder of FISU (Féderation Internationale du Sport Universitaire), the body that brings together all the National Associations of University Sports in the world.

As such, FederCUSI participates in almost all the events organised by the Federation both in the strictly sporting field (Universiade, University World Championships) and in the cultural field, through participation in the conferences promoted by CESU, the body that in FISU is responsible for drawing the lines, addresses and objectives of university sport in the world.

The FederCUSI also has to its credit the organisation of 4 summer Universiades and 5 winter editions, as well as the organisation of numerous University World Championships in the various disciplines.